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As Avaks Laboratories, we started our activities as our Ankara head office in order to provide international / domestic supply and services of laboratory consumables-chemical-plastic materials and laboratory devices needed in the field of “Life Sciences – Biotechnology Research”, where methods that require experience and knowledge are used.

We have a strong infrastructure with our founding partners, managers and trained sales-marketing and technical service support staff with 15 years of sectoral experience. We are aware that our job is not just to sell products, knowledge is the biggest part of our job. For this reason, in order to continuously strengthen our infrastructure, we attend and closely follow the detailed trainings of the products of the brands we sell, the innovations in experimental methods and the developing laboratory systems. In the light of the current information we have obtained, it is our priority to offer the most accurate and effective products for your needs in the laboratory and to deliver these products to you as quickly as possible.

We have a professional sales-marketing organization to deliver the consumable-chemical-plastic materials and laboratory devices in our wide product range supplied by our company to University Research Laboratories -Public Institution Laboratories-Pharmaceutical Companies-Environmental Laboratories-Private R&D Research laboratories in Turkey. We continue our sales/after-sales services quickly through our regional dealer companies with whom we cooperate, our teammates in charge of the region and our authorized sales team directly in our head office.

In the supply chain that our company has without compromising on sustainable quality and trust, it has passed the quality management process, has been certified, has innovative technology, and has high quality products with proven reliability in scientific studies, with the world’s leading manufacturers producing locally in our country, our sector and our country have a place in the production sector. There are manufacturers that create added value by purchasing

With our trained expert team and innovative, competitive solution partners who follow technology closely;

University-Public Institution-Private R&D Research / Life Sciences Research Laboratories

All products for Molecular Biology and Genetic methods;

PCR and qPCR consumables (Taq DNA Polymerase, Master Mix, dNTP, Primer, ladder, buffer, agarose gel, loading dye, DNA/RNA Isolation Kits and plastic products; pipette tips, tubes, storage boxes, vials, etc.). )

Devices (Thermal Cycler, qPCR, Freezer, Class II Biosafety Cabinets, Gel Imaging, Electrophoresis Systems, Power Supply, Automatic Pipette, Vortex, Water Bath, Mixer, PCR Cabinet, etc.)

All products for Cell Culture Research methods;

Plastic Consumables and Chemical Materials (Media, Buffers and Salts, Antibiotics, Flasks, Petri dishes, cryovials, lamellas, Pipette tips, microscope dyes, cell lines, etc.)

Devices (Cell imaging systems, microscopes, CO2 incubators, Biological Safety Cabinets, PH Meter, Precision Balance etc.)

All products for Proteomics / Westren Blot Research methods;

Reagent and Chemical Materials (protein measurement kits, protein isolation kits, antibodies, antibody production and purification, Crosslinking, ECL imaging, Peptides, membranes, concentrators, dialysis, desalting, buffer, ladder, imaging reagent, chemicals for westren blot, etc.)

Devices (Electrophoresis Systems, Power supply, Blotting systems, Gel Imaging and Analysis systems, Transfer systems etc.)

All products for ELISA methods;

Consumables (ELISA kits, antibodies, chemicals, etc.)
Devices (Microplate Reader, Microplate Washer, Automatic Pipettes, Mixer, Fume Hood etc.)

All products for microbiological methods;

Plastic and Consumables (Plastic and glass petri dishes, Antibiotic E-Test and Discs, Sowing products, incubation materials, Strains, etc.)

Devices (Incubators, orbital shakers, automatic pipettes, Safety Cabinets, Drying Ovens etc.)

We supply general laboratory equipment, chemicals and plastic materials, especially these methods.

As Avaks Laboratory, we sell;

The supply and delivery of consumables are provided in accordance with the necessary transportation and storage conditions, taking into account their shelf life. The cold chain rules that must be complied with in the transportation, storage and delivery of the cold chain products we bring from abroad to Turkey are strictly followed and followed up. For this, we have the necessary equipment and devices in our warehouses and they are constantly checked.
Laboratory devices are guaranteed against fabrication and workmanship defects within the legal warranty period given by our manufacturer solution partners. When the warranty period expires, necessary service continues to be provided by our authorized service department.

All the devices and consumables we have supplied have been documented to comply with production standards, quality control studies have been carried out and certified, and have CE certificate. As a result of our work accepted by you, we closely follow the developing technology and sectoral developments in order to add new products to the products we sell and to respond to all of your needs.

It is the basis of our company culture to be sustainable, based on trust, ethical, transparent, solution-oriented, effective, innovative and to meet all your needs at the first time and every time, without sacrificing quality. As Avaks Laboratory, it is our priority to contribute to your studies, produce solutions and walk together on this path. In the light of science, science is on the side of man.

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