-86 Freezers


Keeping in mind that safety is our main goal, our ultrafreezer range intend to satisfy the most demanding needs, assuring a long-lasting and reliable storage of sensitive samples.

This range of freezers is composed of different models with volumes ranging from 110 to 800 litres in temperature range of -40°C to -86°C, including models under countertop and vertical.

Safety as the main objective, our range of ultra-low temperature freezers aims to satisfy the most demanding needs, ensuring long-term and reliable storage of the most sensitive samples.
This range of freezers is composed of different models with volumes ranges from 110 to 800 litres in temperature ranges from -40°C to -86°C.


> Temperature range: -40°C / -86°C.
> Capacity: 110 – 800 litres with up 4 storage levels for more than 50000 microtubes
> Digital Controller 5-inches TFT touch screen, easy and intuitive (7 inches optional)
> Natural HC cooling gas environmentally friendly, CFC’s and HCFC’s free and biodegradable
> Battery for maintenance the temperature and alarms register in case of power failure for 48 hours
> USB port integrated for easy and quick data transfer
> Interior shelves and inner doors in stainless Steel
> Double circuit cooling system (except ULF11086)
> Maximum insulation and reduced energy consumption with optimum space usage
> Ergonomic, robust and reliable closing system
> Door open 180°
> High accuracy in temperature control

> Vertical ultrafreezer with 400 litres of nominal capacity.
> Digital Plus Controller 5″ touch screen and battery to maintain the alarms and temperature register.
> Double circuit cooling system.
> Insulation of 120mm polyurethane foam and vacuum panels.
> USB port allowing data download and RS485 modbus port.
> Stainless steel interior, 4 inner doors and solid door with ergonomic closing system.
> Equipped with 3 stainless steel shelves and 3 access ports.

Traditional Freezers
Ultra-freezers performance depends on only one compressor. In case of failure of this, temperature rises sharply to room temperature.

Madecare ULF Ultra Freezers

Double circuit cooling system, with independent and lownoise compressors. In case of failure of one of them, another is able to maintain the internal temperature at -70ºC

Performance & Recovery 
Ultra freezers is equipped with reliable high-power compressors, having short recovery times after door openings.
For even higher sample safety, the ultra low freezers can be equipped with CO2 back-up systems.

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