Biological Safety Cabinet Class 2


1- The device complies with the PN-EN 12469:2002 standard.
2- Certicate of microbiological safety and covering – TUV Rheinland ID 0000045372.
3- Each chamber is tested in a company research laboratory operating in accordance with PN-EN ISO 17025.
4- Manufacturer’s CE declaration.

> Safety class II, vertical laminar air flow,

> two HEPA filters with 99.995% efficiency for MPPS,

>control system with built-in touch panel with menu in eight languages (EN, DE, FR, SP, TR, RU, IT, PL)

>compensation of filter wear ensuring constant and safe air flow rate in the chamber,

>hour meter of operation time of the device and UV lamps and regulated air flow,

>clear and easy to use control panel – optical and sound signaling,

>front window made of double tempered glass without a frame inclined at an angle of 8 ° electrically raised and lowered with the possibility of sliding to the end – closing the working area,

>split or full worktop, made of stainless steel, and the interior of the work area made of stainless steel,

>permanently attached UV lamp, placed in the upper rear part of the work area, protected against accidental switching on during operation,

>energy-saving white LED lighting and workspace sides with window openings or full,

> work area equipped with a stainless steel drain for easy removal of dirt and washing the chamber,

> two sockets for electricity or optional valves for vacuum, gas or air, armrest dismantled, frame on locked wheels,

the chamber has a digital hours counter and an internal supervision system informing about work errors.

Product and manufacturer certificates:

TUV certificate for compilance with the standards: EN12469, EN61010-1:2010, EN61326-1:2013
ISO 9001
CE declaration
Final test in our laboratory:

The following parameters are checked during the test:

air flow velocity
HPEA filter integrity
filtration efficiency
leak tightness of filter foundations
deviation of stream of laminar air
Protocol from tests is issued and enclosed for each cabinet

Warranty for the laminar airflow unit:
36-month warranty.

Model BIO 130 BIO 100
External dimensions
width / length / height
CYTO version + 5 cm higher (mm)

1340 / 790 / 2094

1040 / 790 / 2094
Internal dimension (mm) 1250 / 645 / 660 950 / 645 / 660
Number of fans 3 2
Number of plates in worktop 4 or 1, 2 3 or 1, 2
Maximum height of window panel
lifting during work (mm)
250 250
Maximum height of front window
panel lifting
500 500
Air-flow (m/s) 0,25 - 0,50 0,25 - 0,50
Number of HEPA filter main and
1 - main filter and 1 - outlet filter1 - main filter and 1 - outlet filter
Hepa preliminary filter and carbon
1 - Hepa preliminary filter and 1 - carbon filter1 - Hepa preliminary filter and 1 - carbon filter
HEPA filter efficiency (%)> 99,995 % for MPPS - H14> 99,995 % for MPPS - H14
Illuminance > 1400 > 1500
Number of electric sockets inside
the chamber


Gas, vacuum or air valve optional optional
Control panel - with touchscreenavailable languages: EN, DE, SP, PL, TR, FR, ITavailable languages: EN, DE, SP, PL, TR, FR, IT
Equipment weight (kg) 190 260
Power of UV germicidal lamp 15 W 30 W